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About Us

Queer Tattoo Alliance (QTA) is a tattooer-curated collective representing the queer presence in professional tattooing in the Bay Area and beyond.

Formed as a response to the exploitation and mis-representation of professional tattooing, the QTA is a developing peoples' organization of tattoo collectores, professional tattoo artists, LGBTQ+ identifying folks and allies of such, united to educate, protect, support, and celebrate the craft and culture.

Discussed in Previous Meetings, the QTA aims to develop:
* An accessible registry of involved tattooers for higher visibility and provide more opportunities to connect between the queer and tattoo communities
* An accessible database and directory of other strong community resources
* An international tattoo convention
*A tasks commitee

To get informed and involved, link up with QTA's online presence and help shape our trajectory
*Monthly Meet-up --insert day here-- of the Month at Thee Parkside 8PM onwards
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